Meet The Founders
Alex White, MD.
Owner of Progressive Medical Research.

Basil White,
Certified Clinical Research Professional and Cookie Baker.

Mike Mcdaniel,
Host, Producer and Media Director.

Dr. White is a Board-Certified Clinical Trial Physician with 15 years in in study related sciences and 25 years as an ER doctor and hospitalist. Dr. White is driven by science and desires for all to include MicrobeFiber™ into their daily diets. Dr. White is very hands on and encourages anyone to write him with any questions of a medical nature related to taking MicrobeFiber™.

In addition to being the best “cookie baker” in the neighborhood,” Basil is always available to take calls from people seeking more knowledge about MicrobeFiber™. Basil is an excellent person to contact because he stays in daily contact with MicrobeFiber™ customers and has ALL the stories!

Mike is a reality TV pioneer and veteran product marketer. Networks and platforms such as Netflix, Bravo UK, G4, Fox & Amazon Prime are just some of the programming outlets featuring his presentations. Mike is now dedicated to getting MicrobeFiber™ exposed to as many tv households as possible and is doing his part to preserve and further the good health of others.